Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Should I Use Stockup?

Stockup is an internet division of DWN Limited and part of The Dash Group, a real company with thousands of customers throughout the UK. We deliver direct to over fifteen hundred retail stores on a daily basis and we understand the needs of our customers in an increasingly competitive market. We are approved wholesalers for Ordnance Survey, Philips, The AA, Duracell, Energizer, Panasonic, Rizla and Silva. Through our transparent pricing policy, Stockup customers can clearly see what they are paying for each product (including and excluding vat) and, most importantly, how the profit margins stack up.

When Are We Open?

The Stockup office is open:

08:30 - 17:30 Monday to Friday

09:00 - 11:30 on Saturday

During these hours a member of staff will be available to help with any enquiry you may have.

Is There A Minimum Order?

No there is no minimum order.

How Much Do I Have To Pay For Delivery?

If your order value is below £75 (excluding vat) delivery is charged at £6.50 plus VAT. Delivery is free on all orders over £75.

Is Stockup Open To the General Public?

No. Stockup is a trade only website.

How Long Will My Order Take To Process?

We normally hold all the items shown on our website in stock at our 12,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Cornwall and we endeavour to despatch all orders received by 3pm for next day delivery via DPD 24hr. In the event that an item is out of stock, we will process your order as soon as it has been received, which is normally within two to three working days.

Does Stockup Offer Credit Facilities?

No. To keep our prices as low as possible, we only take orders with payments being made by debit or credit card. Think of us as your online cash and carry, without the hassle of writing the list, visiting the depot, picking the stock and loading the van.

How Does The Payment Processing System Work?

All payment processing is handled by Sagepay, a subsidiary of Sage, which is the largest independent Payment Service Provider in the UK and provides secure online facilities for thousands of businesses across the country. All payment processing pages are hosted by Sagepay and offer the highest level of compliance under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI). Sagepay adheres to the most stringent levels of fraud screening, ensuring that your details remain secure throughout the transaction process.

As part of our ongoing commitment to maintaining the highest levels of security we also use the 3D Secure Authentication system.

What is 3D Secure Authentication?

3D Secure is the latest fraud prevention initiative launched by Visa and MasterCard and is the culmination of the “Verified by Visa” and “MasterCard SecureCode” schemes. 3D Secure creates a more secure method for authenticating your details at the time of the transaction by giving you the option to register your card (if you have not already done so) and then to verify your transaction, by entering your password or pin. Once you have registered your card for the first time, you can use your password/pin to verify your transaction every time you make a purchase from a website that uses the 3D Secure system. For more information, please contact your card issuer.

What Pricing Information is Displayed And How Is It Calculated?

For each product we sell, the following information is provided (in order of appearance from the top):-

  1. The Retail Value is the Recommended Retail Price for each unit multiplied by the number of units in the case.

  2. Our Price is the price you pay for the case/product excluding VAT (where appropriate).
  3. Profit is the total amount you make on the whole case after VAT.
  4. The Unit RRP is the recommend selling price for each unit in the case as provided by the manufacturer.
  5. The Units In Case is the number of packets supplied in each case and will only be displayed if the case size is higher than one.
  6. The VAT Rate will be either 20% (for standard rated products) or 0% (for zero rated/exempt products such as maps and books).
  7. The Unit Price (excl. Vat) will be the price you pay for each unit in the case before vat is added. (This will not normally be shown if the vat rate is 0%.)
  8. The Unit Price (incl. Vat) will be the price you pay for each unit in the case after vat has been added. If the vat rate is 0% (i.e. vat is not chargeable on the product) the prices including vat and excluding vat will be the same.
  9. The Case Price (excl. vat) is the net price you pay before vat is added. (This will not be shown if the case size is one).
  10. The Case Price (incl. vat) is the total price you pay after vat is added and is the same as 2) above. (This will not be shown if the case size is one).
  11. The Profit Per Unit is the amount of profit you make on the sale of each unit assuming that you sell at the RRP and your business is vat registered.
  12. The Profit on Return % is your profit per unit divided by the RRP after vat. (I.e. your profit as a percentage of your net turnover.)
  13. The Mark Up % is your profit per unit divided by your unit cost excluding vat. (I.e. your profit as a percentage of your net cost.)

All prices and profit margins assume that you are trading as a business, will sell at the RRP provided and are registered for VAT.